Soap Challenge Club – July 2020

This month’s challenge is natural stone. I figured this would be easier than the rest simply because the technique is organic. No two stones are alike making this challenge not right or wrong. Or so I thought. As I look at what I’ve created and reference back to my inspiration photos, I realize just how technical creating organic looking stones can be. I’ve very happy with my results, however, with more practice I know I’ll be able to create more realistic products.


I don’t have a slab mold, so the added challenge for me was going to be to create a marble look in a loaf mold without it looking too generic. I searched for a style of marble I liked and when the clarification came down that not all marble is created equal, the challenge became even more real for this stone choice. These photos seemed the most feasible for my current color palate and skill, level.

Having recently received my newest “earthy” colorants (oxides and a couple of tan/brown colors), I figured this would be a pretty simple challenge as long as I was able to get the colors right. My biggest concern is that I’m not a sculptor, and I don’t have a rock mold. So in my mind, if this failed, it would be because I’m not an artist. I still felt more confident about this option, however, so I went for it as well.

When I first watched the tutorials for this challenge, I wanted to play with colors in the marble effect. I liked the idea of a colorful marble and found this photo. I had these colors available, and this photo captivated me. So I was completely ecstatic when a 3rd category was added this month specifically for the colorful rock formations.


Because I was so excited to try these techniques and play around with the colors, I made all 3 batches at once. It took longer to get to the point of soaping which allowed me to set up all of my colors, however, it was a much faster process than I realized I wanted.

Blue Jean Marble color palate
River Rock/Natural Marble color palate


Although not all of the batches came out exactly to plan, I am completely pleased with how well I completed this challenge.

Madam President – Marble Category

Independent – River Rock Category
Democrat – Snazzy Rock Category


This challenge was a good one for me. I was able to try new techniques and push myself out of my comfort zone to create some pretty amazing designs that I will need to use again. The fragrances I’ve chosen for these bars are a perfect match, in my opinion, and demand reproduction.

Until the next challenge 🙂